Mitsubishi Colt Owner's Manuals

The Japanese car Mitsubishi Colt first appeared on the market back in 1962. Then it was a small two-door sedan. In general, the production of this model was completed in 2012, and over 50 years of history, the car has received 6 generations. It was produced in different bodies, but the most popular is a hatchback, both 3-door and 5-door. Mostly a front-wheel drive car, but all-wheel drive copies could also be found in the Japanese market.

Mitsubishi Colt has become a very popular car. Compact size, reliability, convenience, safety are its main advantages. Many family people fell in love with the model, since this car was optimally enough for trips around the city, to nature, to clinics, and so on. Produced by Mitsubishi Colt in Japan, USA, and also in the Netherlands. The model gained popularity in dozens of countries around the world.

6th generation

In 2004, the 6th generation of the model was introduced. It was released in Japan and the Netherlands. Moreover, there is a significant difference between the assemblies. So, for example, in the Netherlands in 2008 the car received a restyling – the appearance was significantly changed, which began to resemble the exterior of the Lancer. In Japan, the model did not receive restyling and until the end of production it was produced in the body familiar to the 6th generation.

The car received class B according to the European system. Despite its compact size, it pleases with good capacity. So, for example, the volume of the trunk is:
• With the unfolded rear row of seats – 220 liters;
• With seats moved forward – 315 liters;
• With fully retracted rear row of seats – 645 liters.


Engines for Mitsubishi Colt were made in Germany. In the 6th generation of the model, 3 motor options are available:
• Petrol 1.1 liters;
• Petrol 1.3 liters;
• Petrol 1.5 liters.

The second option is the most popular in the European market. It pleases with a capacity of 95 horsepower. This is a reliable and durable 16-valve engine. Gearboxes are offered in two types: mechanical 5-speed and “robot” for 6 ranges.