Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Owner's Manuals

Despite the name, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has little in common with the Mitsubishi Eclipse, which ended production in 2011. The compact crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is based on the Outlander platform, its production began in 2017. Relatively new and technologically advanced, it has become very popular in dozens of countries around the world. Ideal as a family car, but also allows you to conveniently carry large loads.

Main features of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross pleases with such features as:

1. Attractive appearance. A little aggressive, beautiful. The design of the car pleases its owners with new optics, an expressive radiator grille and numerous lines and curves.

2. High level of security. The car received the maximum number of stars in the European rating. 7 airbags, various electronic assistance systems and a robust body all give the driver and passengers reliability and a good chance of avoiding serious injury even in a complex accident.

3. Comfortable interior. Despite the fact that the outside of the car seems relatively small, inside it is quite spacious and comfortable for everyone: both the driver and passengers. The manufacturer paid great attention to finishing materials.
4. Ability to connect various mobile devices to the car’s multimedia system. There are several USB inputs, as well as the ability to connect gadgets via Bluetooth.

5. The presence of a convenient Touchpad controller next to the gear lever. It makes it possible to conveniently control many systems in the car without being distracted from the road.

6. Spacious trunk and the ability to fold the seats in the back row. You will easily transport a large load, including many pieces of furniture or household appliances.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has a choice of two engines. This:
• Gasoline with a turbine of 1.5 liters for 163 horsepower;
• Diesel with a turbine of 2.2 liters per 150 horsepower.

Both engines are reliable, environmentally friendly and economical. They give good acceleration dynamics and driving comfort in urban and other conditions.